Finding The Best Air Rifle For The Money

Are you trying to find the best air rifle for the money?  Have you been looking for a while but have yet to decide which one to purchase?  We understand, there are a lot of makes and models of air rifles on the market.  It can be somewhat difficult to narrow it down.  You work hard for your money and the last thing you want to do is waste it on a bad purchase.  In this post we will look at some features you should look at when finding the best air rifle.  We will also give our top picks of the best air rifle for the money.

Multiple Pump or Single Break Barrel?

When looking for an air rifle we truly like the single break barrel air rifles compared to multiple pumps.  A lot of us grew up using multiple pump air rifles and later upgraded to single break barrel rifles.  You will find that most break barrel offer higher velocity, usually greater than 1,000 fps, compared to multiple pumps which will average around 600-700 fps.  We also like the speed in shooting, just one break of the barrel and you are ready to shoot whereas it could take as many as 10 pumps on a multi pump to reach maximum power.

.177 Caliber or .22 Caliber?

If you are trying to decide whether to get a .177 caliber or .22 caliber, ask yourself what is the intended purpose of getting an air rife.  If you plan on using your air rifle for hunting then you will like the added mass that the .22 caliber rifle offers.  We are not saying you can’t hunt with a .177 caliber rifle but for larger pest/game it will be more humane.  If you are just going to be plinking in the backyard then a .177 caliber rifle will do just fine.  You will also find a better selection of .177 pellets at your local sporting goods stores.

Since everyone’s budget is different, it is tough to list just one air rifle and label it as the best.  So we are giving our two picks, one budget friendly and one that cost a lot more.  So now for our pick of what we think is the one of the best air rifles for the money.  Drumroll please…

Gamo Whisper Silent CatGreat Value!!  Read our review here or Purchase it now 55% off with Free Shipping from Amazon


Remington Nitro AirHigh Quality!!  Read our review here or * Buy  Now *


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